Riding the campaign trail with Jamie Mcleod-skinner

The Pendleton Round-Up might not seem like an ideal place for a Congressional Democratic candidate to campaign. Umatilla County, where the lion’s share of the population lives in Pendleton, had 6,000 more registered Republicans than Democrats in the 2018 primary election. In the 2018 primaries, incumbent Rep. Greg Walden (R-Hood River) received 63,817 votes, while the seven Democrats running for the nomination received only 49,760 votes.

Yet, Jamie McLeod-Skinner, who is challenging the 10-term incumbent in Oregon’s Second Congressional District, spent three days at the Round-Up to meet and listen to as many constituents as possible.

Democrat McLeod-Skinner, who lives in Terrebonne, has been crisscrossing Oregon’s Second Congressional District since declaring her candidacy in July 2017, having driven 40,000 miles so far within the country’s seventh-largest congressional district to campaign. She’s held town halls, meet and greets, attended county fairs and flew solo at what was meant to be a debate, which Walden was invited to but did not attend.

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